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Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects

Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects like: metal detectors circuits, smoke detectors circuit, water detector circuit, light detector and other based sensors projects.

Light sensitive switch

This light sensitive switch is built with transistors and other semiconductor devices. This switch operated light is designed to be connected directly to the voltage network, eliminating the low voltage source.
This circuit turn on a light after dark comes, and disconnects when light comes again.

Circuit Diagram: 
Light sensitive switch circuit diagram

Inductive proximity detector circuit

Using the inductive type sensor IFR10-82-01 produced by Baumer Electric, can be built very simple proximity sensor, using some electronic components.

Circuit Diagram: 
Inductive proximity detector circuit

Digital multimeter K thermocouple interface

A digital multimeter K thermocouple interface can be made using this circuit diagram. Type K thermocouples has a wide range of temperature, is used in many temperature applications from cryogenic applications to analyze the exhaust gases of jet engines. Described circuit converts the output signal of the thermocouple into a DC voltage of 10 mV slope / ° C, signal that can be applied to a multimeter or a computer.

Circuit Diagram: 
Digital multimeter K thermocouple interface circuit


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