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Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects

Circuit detectors and sensors based electronics projects like: metal detectors circuits, smoke detectors circuit, water detector circuit, light detector and other based sensors projects.

Hydro alarm electronic project

Electronic circuit diagram below is a very simple hydro alarm, which detects the absence or reduced amount of water in a container.

Circuit Diagram: 
Hydro alarm electronic project circuit diagram

Warning mailbox electronic project

A simple warning mailbox can be designed using electronic diagram below.

Circuit Diagram: 
Warning mailbox electronic project circuit design schematic

Lying tester circuit using biofeedback

With this electronic scheme can be tested a person whose status is modified in certain situations (as in the polygraph test) by "observing" biofeedback. Because a person's skin resistance depends on the state in which that person is, skin resistance increases with depth state of relaxation.
The electronic scheme presented, affects skin resistance frequency of oscillator built with transistor T2 . Both electrodes, with ring shape, are applied on two fingers of a hand. The more deep state of relaxation corresponds to a lower frequency sound that you will hear in your headset.

Circuit Diagram: 
Lying tester circuit using biofeedback project


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