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DC DC Power Converters electronics projects

DC DC Converters circuit projects design using buck converter, boost converter and flyback converter topology .

5 volt DC DC step down converter using ADP2323

Using ADP2323 step down DC DC converter circuit , can be designed a various dc dc converters electronic projects . Using ADP2323 DC DC converter integrated circuit can be designed power supplies that require a high output current up to 3 Amperes per channel ( two channels) or 6 Amperes ( in parallel connection ).

Circuit Diagram: 
5 volt DC DC step down converter using ADP2323

12 V xenon flasher circuit project

A very simple xenon flasher circuit project can be designed using this circuit diagram . This xenon flasher circuit is designed to trigger a high voltage xenon flashtube using a 12V DC input from a power supply. The flash rate can be varied between 1 and 2 flashes per second using an onboard potentiometer.
This circuit is composed from three parts : an oscillator centered around T1 transformer which charges the capacitor C3 , an RC network C2, R2 and P1 which controls the flashrate and the flash circuit itself .

Circuit Diagram: 
12 V xenon flasher circuit diagram project

LTM4613 12 volt switching regulator circuit

Using the LTM4613 switching regulator circuit designed by Linear Technology can be designed a very simple power supply electronic project that will provide a 12 volt output voltage at a maximum output current of 8 ampere .This LTM4613 switching regulator circuit ha included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and all support components. This switching power supply require an input voltage range between 22 and 36 volt .

The onboard input filter and noise cancellation circuits achieve low noise coupling, thus effectively reducing the electromagnetic interference . In a typical 8A output application, three very low ESR, X5R or X7R, 10μF ceramic capacitors are recommended for C1-C3.
The LTM4613 has an integrated constant on-time current mode regulator, ultralow RDS(ON) FETs with fast switching speed and integrated Schottky diodes.
The typical switching frequency is 600kHz at full load at 12V output.

Circuit Diagram: 
LTM4613 12 volt switching regulator circuit electronic project


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