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DC DC Power Converters electronics projects

DC DC Converters circuit projects design using buck converter, boost converter and flyback converter topology .

12 to 24 volt converter electronic project

A 12 to 24 volt converter can be built using simple electronic diagram below. This consists mainly of convetor just from a CMOS astabil multivibrator with a power output. When the bottom FET drive first electrolytic capacitor is charging. After this, the upper FET drive, it goes down in blocking state. Negative terminal of the first electrolytic capacitor is now found at 12 V, positive terminal, in contrast, is at a higher voltage 12 V, ie at 24 V. This voltage reaches a diode to the output electrolytic capacitor, which stores output voltage during charging the first capacitor.

Circuit Diagram: 
12 to 24 volt converter electronic project

Simple voltage inverter circuit project

A simple voltage inverter can be achieved using electronic diagram below. This voltage inverter electronic diagram below, produces a negative voltage from a positive one. Control current of 1 mA flowing through the resistance R1 is taken by a rectangular oscillator signals. If there is a 0 logic input transistor T1 is blocked and the entire current flows through R2 into the base of T2, capacitor C1 is charged by the emitter current of T2 (C1 capacitor voltage increases to the power supply voltage).

Circuit Diagram: 
Simple voltage inverter circuit project schematic

9 volt switching power supply using RC4193 SMPS controller

Using RC4193 voltage regulator can be designed a very simple low power switching power supply . With RC4193 SMPS controller and some electronic components can be designed a simple switching power supply that will produce an output voltage of 9 volts as long as the input voltage will not drop below the set range. For the assembly to be functional and stable output voltage to be 9 volts, input voltage must have a value between 2.4 and 9 volts (can use a battery).

Circuit Diagram: 
9volt switching power supply using RC4193 SMPS controller schematic


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