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DC DC Power Converters electronics projects

DC DC Converters circuit projects design using buck converter, boost converter and flyback converter topology .

LTC3554 USB Power Manager & Dual Buck PMIC Optimized

LTC3554 designed by Linear Technology Corporation is a micropower multifunction power management integrated circuit (PMIC) solution for portable Li-Ion Polymer battery-based applications.
The LTC3554 integrates a USB-compatible linear PowerPath™ manager, a stand-alone battery charger, two high efficiency synchronous buck regulators and pushbutton control .
A pin-selectable standby mode reduces battery drain current to just 10uA with all outputs on. The LTC3554 can be used for low power portable device applications like : personal navigation devices (PNDs), media players , handheld medical and industrial devices.

The LTC3554’s PowerPath manager with automatic load prioritization seamlessly manages the transition between multiple input sources to power the load, while delivering up to 400mA battery charge current from a USB port or 5V wall adapter supply. The input current limit is pin-selectable and internally set (no external resistor is required).
Main features of LT C3554 are : Complete Multi-Function PMIC (Linear Power Manager, Li-Ion Polymer Battery Charger, Two Synchronous Buck Regulators, Pushbutton Control ) , Ultra-Low Quiescent Current , POWER MANAGER & BATTERY CHARGER , Charge Current Programmable up to 400mA from USB or 5V Wall Adapter Input , 240mOhm Internal Ideal Diode Provides Low Loss Power Path from Battery to Load .

LTC3554 USB Power Manager & Dual Buck PMIC Optimized

5 to 12 V dual power supply circuit using LT3582

This 5 to 12 V dual power supply circuit is designed using LT3582 DC DC converter which deliver both positive and negative outputs required in many biasing applications such as active matrix OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays as well as CCD (charge coupled device) applications.

ADP1612/ADP1613 step-up dc-to-dc switching con-verters

Analog Devices release the ADP1612/ADP1613 which are step-up dc-to-dc switching con-verters with an integrated power switch capable of providing an output voltage as high as 20 V.


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