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DC DC Power Converters electronics projects

DC DC Converters circuit projects design using buck converter, boost converter and flyback converter topology .

LTC3604 12 to 2 volts dc converter circuit

Using this circuit diagram based on the LTC3604 IC can be designed a 12 to 2 volts dc converter using few external electronic components, a very simple and efficiency dc step down converter.

Circuit Diagram: 
12 to 2 volts dc converter circuit diagram LTC3604

MAX15046 synchronous buck regulator

The MAX15046 from Maxim Semiconductor is a synchronous buck regulator that operates over a wide range input voltage from 4.5V to 40V  .  The Max15046 can provide an adjustable  output voltage from 85% of the input voltage down to 0.6V, supporting loads up to 25A.
The switching frequency can be adjusted from 100kHz to 1MHz with an external resistor. The MAX15046 ’s adaptive synchronous rectification eliminates the need for an external freewheeling Schottky diode.
As a current-sense element the MAX15046 utilizes external low-side MOSFET’s on-resistance, eliminating the need for a current-sense resistor.

This synchronous buck regulator circuit project can be useful in applications like : industrial Power Supplies , Telecom Power Supplies and other power circuits .

The design of circuit is not complicate requiring few external components and offering many features like : 4.5V to 40V or 5V ±10%  voltage range , Adjustable Outputs from 0.85 x VIN down to 0.6V  , adjustable switching frequency (100kHz to 1MHz) with ±10% (1MHz) accuracy , adaptive internal digital Soft-Start  , up to 25A output capability  , cycle-by-cycle valley-mode current limit with adjustable, ±1% accurate voltage reference  , hiccup-mode short-circuit protection (Patent-Pending Architecture)  , overtemperature shutdown  .
The power supply presented in this schematic circuit based on the this IC require a 24 volts input and is provide an 3.3 volts output .

MAX15046 synchronous step-down controller IC schematic

LTM8031 1A DC/DC μModule buck converter

LTM8031 ic is an electromagnetic compatible (EMC) 36V, 1A DC DC μModule buck converter designed to meet the radiated emissions requirements of EN55022.
Conducted emission requirements can be met by adding standard filter components. LTM8031 DC DC μModule buck converter has included in the package  almost all components required :  switching controller, power switches, inductor, filters , etc.
LTM8031 operate over a wide input voltage range of 3.6V to 36V and supports an output voltage range of 0.8V to 10V .

The switching frequency range of LTM8031 is from 200kHz to 2.4MHz which can be  set by a single resistor.
To finish the design of the LTM8031 are needed only the bulk input and output filter capacitors .
Main features of this ic based dc converter project are : Complete Step-Down Switch Mode Power Supply , Wide Input Voltage Range: 3.6V to 36V , 1A Output Current , 0.8V to 10V Output Voltage ,  Switching Frequency from 200kHz to 2.4MHz , EN55022 Class B Compliant , Current Mode Control.
The design of the project is very simple but for more details consult the datasheet where you can find more useful tips .

LTM8031 1A DC DC μModule buck converter


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