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LT3991 buck switching regulator

Linear Technology has introduced the LT3991 buck switching regulator IC . The LT3991 supports a wide input voltage range up to 55 volts and a adjustable switching frequency from 200khz to 2Mhz .

The LT3991 operate in low ripple Burst Mode which maintain high efficiency at low output current while the output ripple is below 15 mV .

For fast transient response and good loop stability the LT3991 use an internally compensated current mode topology .

NCV8402D 2A 42V Dual Protected N-Channel MOSFET

On Semiconductor has introduced the NCV8402D dual protected Low−Side Smart Discrete device. The NCV8402D can be used to replace electromechanical relays and discrete circuits  . NCV8402D has many build in protection features like :  overcurrent, overtemperature, ESD and integrated Drain−to−Gate clamping for overvoltage protection.Main features of the NCV8402D  are : Short−Circuit Protection , Thermal Shutdown with Automatic Restart , Overvoltage Protection , Integrated Clamp for Inductive Switching , ESD Protection , dV/dt Robustness , Analog Drive Capability (Logic Level Input) , AEC−Q101 Qualified .

The NCV8402D has a 42 V VDSS and a maximum current limit of 2 A . The NCV8402D is available 8 pins spall package ( SOIC 8) .

NCV8402D 2A 42V Dual Protected N-Channel MOSFET

LT3971 monolithic buck switching regulator

The Linear Technology has introduced the  LT3971 monolithic buck switching regulator .  LT3971 regulator accepts a wide input voltage range up to 38V and low quiescent current design 2.8μA of supply current while regulating with no load.


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