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LTC3616 voltage regulator circuit

The LTC3616 is a low quiescent current monolithic synchronous buck regulator . The LTC3616 use a current mode, constant frequency architecture. The LTC3616 regulator operates from 2.25V to 5.5V input supply voltage range that makes it ideally suited for single Li-Ion as well as fixed low voltage input applications.

NCP2823 audio power amplifier circuit

The NCP2823 is a mono audio power amplifier integrated circuit designed for portable electronic devices like digital cameras , cellular phones , GPS and other .

NCP2823A is optimized for a 8 ohms load impedance and the NCP2823B audio amplifier IC can operate with speaker impedance down to 4 ohms .

NCP1288 controller circuit

The NCP1288 is a fixed−frequency current−mode controller featuring a high−voltage startup current .

The NCP1288 controller has an excellent efficiency in light load condition while still achieving very low standby power consumption.


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