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DS8314 , DS8313 new smart card interface

Maxim IC release new smart card interface , DS8313 which is a low-cost, analog front-end for a smart card reader designed for smart card applications that do not require the use of the auxiliary card I/O contacts C4 and C8 (AUX1 and AUX2). The DS8313 supports 5V, 3V, and 1.8V smart cards. The absence of a charge pump reduces active power consumption, and the DS8313 also supports an ultra-low-power 10nA stop mode.
The DS8313 is designed to interface between a system microcontroller and the smart card interface, providing all power supply, protection, and level shifting required for IC card applications.
The DS8314 is similar to the DS8313, but only uses one analog (smart card) power supply. Therefore, the device has reduced ability to provide power to smart cards, but it is still sufficient for many applications, allowing the DS8314 to drop into many TDA8024 sockets without hardware changes.
The DS8313L and DS8314L use a negative polarity-presence detect instead of the default positive-polarity detect. Both devices are available in 28-pin SO and TSSOP packages.
Main features of these smart card interface are : analog Interface and Level Shifting for IC Card
Communication , ±8kV (min) ESD (IEC) Protection on Card Interfaces , Ultra-Low Stop-Mode Current Less Than 10nA Typical , Internal IC Card Supply-Voltage Generation: 5.0V ±5%, 80mA (max) , 3.0V ±8%, 65mA (max) , 1.8V ±10%, 30mA (max) , Automatic Card Activation and Deactivation , Controlled by Dedicated Internal Sequencer , I/O Lines from Host Directly Level Shifted for Smart Card Communication , Flexible Card Clock Generation, Supporting , External Crystal Frequency Divided by 1, 2, 4, or 8 ; High-Current, Short-Circuit and High-Temperature Protection , Low Active-Mode Current
DS8314 , DS8313 smart card interface

CAT5140 single channel non-volatile 256−tap digitally programmable potentiometer

CAT5140 circuit designed by ON Semiconductor single channel 256−tap digitally programmable potentiometer DPP is comprised of series of equal value resistor elements connected between two externally accessible end points.
The CAT5140 contains a volatile wiper register (WR) and an 8−bit non−volatile EEPROM for wiper position and 5 additional non−volatile registers for general purpose data storage. Programming of the registers is controlled via I2C interface. On power up, the wiper position is reset to the most recent value stored in the non−volatile memory register (IVR).
Main features of CAT5140 are : 400 kHz I2C Compatible Interface , 256 Position Linear Taper Potentiometer , End−to−End Resistance = 50 k_ / 100 k , TCR = 100 ppm/°C (typical) , Standby Current = 2 _A (max) , Typical Wiper Resistance = 70 _ @ 3.3 V , Operating Voltage = 2.5 V to 5.5 V , 6 Registers 8−bit Non−volatile EEPROM , 2,000,000 Data Write Stores , 100 Year Data Retention
CAT5140 single channel non-volatile 256−tap digitally programmable potentiometer

Maxim DS2775/DS2777 - DS2776/DS2778 battery monitor chips

Maxim IC DS2775–DS2778 battery monitor circuits report available capacity for rechargeable lithium-ion (Li+) and Li+ polymer (Li-Poly) batteries in mAh and as a percentage of full. Safe operation is ensured by the integrated Li+ protector. The DS2776/DS2778 support SHA-1-based challengeresponse authentication in addition to all other DS2775/DS2777 features.
For capacity estimation calculations is used precision measurements of voltage, temperature, and current, along with a cell characteristics table and application parameters
The capacity registers report a conservative estimate of the amount of charge that can be removed given the current temperature, discharge rate, stored charge, and application parameters.
The DS2775–DS2778 operate from +4.0V to +9.2V for direct integration into battery packs with two Li+ or Li-Poly cells.
The DS2775–DS2778 offer 16 bytes of EEPROM storage for use by the host system and/or
pack manufacturer to store battery lot and date tracking information
The EEPROM can also be used for nonvolatile storage of system and/or battery usage statistics.
Main features of these chips are : High-Side nFET Drivers and Protection Circuitry ; Precision Voltage, Temperature, and Current Measurement System , Cell-Capacity Estimation from Coulomb Count,Discharge Rate, Temperature, and Cell Characteristics ; Estimates Cell Aging Between Learn Cycles ; Allows Calibration of Gain and Temperature Coefficient ; Programmable Thresholds for Overvoltage and Overcurrent
The DS2776/DS2778 , DS2775/DS2777 can be used in applications like : Low-Cost Notebooks , UMPCs DSLR Cameras , Video Cameras , Commercial and Military Radios , Portable Medical Equipment
ds2775-ds2776 battery monitor chip

ds2777-ds2778 battery monitor chips


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