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NCP1252 Current Mode PWM controller

ON Semiconductor introduces the NCP1252 Current Mode PWM controller for Forward and Flyback Applications .
The NCP1252 controller offers everything needed to build a ac−dc switching supplies dedicated to ATX power supplies. Thanks to the use of an internally fixed timer, NCP1252 detects an output overload without relying on the auxiliary Vcc. A Brown−Out input offers protection against low input voltages and improves the converter safety.
Main features of the NCP1252 are : Peak Current Mode Control , Adjustable Switching Frequency up to 500 kHz , Jittering Frequency ±5% of the Switching Frequency , Latched Primary Over Current Protection with 10 ms Fixed Delay , Delayed Operation Upon Start−up via an Internal Fixed Timer , Adjustable Soft−start Timer , Auto−recovery Brown−Out Detection , Vcc Range from 9 V to 28 V with Auto−recovery UVLO , Adjustable Internal Ramp Compensation
The NCP1252 can be used in applications like : Power Supplies for PC Silver Boxes, Games Adapter , Flyback and Forward Converter
NCP1252 Current Mode PWM controller

MAX9943/MAX9944 high-voltage operational amplifiers

Maxim IC introduces the MAX9943/MAX9944 chips which are high-voltage operational amplifiers that offers precision, low drift, and low-power consumption.
The MAX9943 (single) and MAX9944 (dual) op amps offer 2.4MHz of gain-bandwidth product with only 550μA of supply current per amplifier.
The MAX9943/MAX9944 family operates from ±3V to ±19V dual supplies or 6V to 38V single supply.
The MAX9943/MAX9944 is ideal for applications like : sensor interfaces , loop-Powered Systems , Industrial Instrumentation , High-Voltage ATE , High-Performance ADC/DAC Input/Output Amplifiers .
Main features of MAX9943/MAX9944 are : Wide 6V to 38V Supply Range , Low 100μV (max) Input Offset Voltage , Low 0.4μV/°C Offset Drift , Unity Gain Stable with 1nF Load Capacitance , 2.4MHz Gain-Bandwidth Product , 550μA Supply Current , 20mA Output Current
MAX9943/MAX9944 high-voltage operational amplifiers

TSV6xx Ultra-Low-Power Linear Op-Amps

STMicroelectronics release three new families (TSV61x, TSV62x and TSV63x ) of precision op-amps targeting low-power and portable products operating from a 1.5V to 5.5V supply .
Offering low power consumption, high bandwidth and good accuracy, the TSV6xx families (TSV61x, TSV62x and TSV63x ) serve applications such as portable medical equipment, instrumentation, signal-conditioning systems, sensor interfaces, and active filtering.
The TSV61x, TSV62x and TSV63x families offer a variety of performance choices in single, dual or quad op-amp configurations. Active current as low as 11-microamps for the TSV61x, 29-microamps for the TSV62x family and 60-microamps for the TSV63x family contributes to system power savings, while the supply-voltage range of 1.5V to 5.5V simplifies low-power design .
TSV62x and TSV63x offer 420kHz and 880kHz gain-bandwidth-product, respectively. Low input offset voltage (down to 500 micro-volts maximum) and input bias current (1pA) maintain accuracy with small input signals. The TSV62x and TSV63x families also offer shutdown and non-shutdown versions. tsv6xx Ultra-Low-Power Linear Design Op-Amps


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