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LMX2541 low noise frequency synthesizer

National Semiconductor introduces new low noise frequency synthesizer. This new low noise frequency synthesizer , LMX2541 integrates a high performance delta-sigma fractional N PLL, a VCO with fully integrated tank circuit, and an optional frequency divider.
The LMX2541 integrates several low-noise, high precision LDOs and output driver matching network to provide higher supply noise immunity and more consistent performance, while reducing the number of external components.
The LMX2541 is available in a family of 6 devices with varying VCO frequency range from 1990 MHz up to 4 GHz. Power supply needed for this circuit is between 3.15 and 3.45 volts .
Main features of the LMX2541 are : Very Low RMS Noise , 2 mrad (100 Hz - 20 MHz) at 2.1 GHz , 3.5 mrad (100 Hz - 20 MHz) at 3.5 GHz , Ultra Low-Noise Integrated VCO , External VCO Option (Internal VCO Bypassed) , VCO Frequency Divider 1 to 63 (all values) , Programmable Output Power , Up to 104 MHz Phase Detector Frequency , Integrated Low-Noise LDOs , Programmable Charge Pump Output , Digital Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Modulation Pin , Integrated Reference Crystal Oscillator Circuit , Hardware and Software Power Down , 1.6 V Logic Compatibility
LMX2541 circuit can be used in applications like : Wireless Infrastructure (UMTS, LTE, WiMax) , Broadband Wireless , Wireless Meter Reading , Test and Measurement .
LMX2541 low noise frequency synthesizer

NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver

ON Semiconductor release the NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver with 6th order Butterworth Reconstruction filters on each channel. First set of 3−channels has selectable Standard Definition (SD) / High Definition (HD) filters and a fourth channel offers an extra filter driver for driving CVBS−type video signal.
The NCS2564 is a combination of a triple SD/HD video driver plus a single CVBS video driver. designed to be compatible with Digital−to−Analog Converters (DAC) embedded in most video processors.
Main features of the NCS2564 video driver are: 3−Channel with a Selectable Sixth−Order Butterworth 8/34 MHz Filter , One CVBS Driver Including 6th Order Butterworth 8 MHz Filter , Transparent Clamp , Internal Fixed Gain: 6 dB _0.2 , Integrated Level Shifter , AC− or DC−Coupled Inputs and Outputs , Low Quiescent Current , Shutdown Current , Each channel Capable to Drive 2 by 150 ohms Loads , Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range .
NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver

FSFM260 FSFM300 for Switch Mode Power Supplies

Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FSFM260/300 integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and SenseFET specifically designed for high-performance offline Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) .
FSFM260/300 is an integrated high-voltage power switching regulator that combines an avalanche-rugged SenseFET with a current-mode PWM control block.
Main features of the FSM260/300 are : Internal Avalanche-Rugged SenseFET , Advanced Burst-Mode Operation Consumes Under 1W at 240VAC and 0.5W Load , Precision Fixed Operating Frequency: 67kHz , Internal Startup Circuit , Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) , Overload Protection (OLP) , Internal Thermal Shutdown Function (TSD) , Abnormal Over-Current Protection (AOCP) , Auto-Restart Mode , Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) with Hysteresis , Low Operating Current: 2.5mA , Built-in Soft-Start: 15ms .
FSM260/300 can be used in power supplies for LCD TV and Monitor, VCR, SVR,STB, DVD, and DVD Recorder and other adapters applications .
FSFM260 FSFM300 for Switch Mode Power Supplies


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