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LTC3614 synchronous buck regulator

The LTC3614 is a low quiescent current monolithic synchronous buck regulator using a current mode, constant frequency architecture. Because of the low input voltage of 2.25V to 5.5V  required ,the LTC3614 is ideally suited for single Li-Ion as well as fixed low voltage input applications.

LT3581 DC DC converter

The LT3581 integrated circuit is a PWM DC DC converter with built-in fault protection features , designed by Linear Technology . LT3581consists of a 42V master switch and a 42V slave switch that can be tied together for a total current limit of 3.3A.

LT6656 precision voltage reference IC

The LT6656 is a small precision voltage reference that draws less than 1μA of supply current and can operate with a supply voltage within 10mV of the output voltage.

The LT6656 offers an initial accuracy of 0.05% and temperature drift of 10ppm/°C.


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