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MAX6010 voltage reference

Maxim Semiconductor introduces the MAX6010 voltage reference designed in SOT23 package  .

The MAX6010 is a high precision, low-noise, low-dropout micropower voltage reference in a SOT23 package. The MAX6010 is designed with three-terminals and operates with an input voltage from 3.2V to 5.5V and deliver 3V on output .

The MAX6010 voltage reference consumes less than 5μA (max) of supply current and can source up to 7mA and sink up to 1mA of load current when the input is 5V .

The MAX6010 has a accuracies of 0.2% and a temperature drift of 50ppm/°C (max).

Main features of the MAX6010 voltage reference are : Ultra-Low Supply Current: 5μA (max) , 3V Output from 3.2V Input ,  Initial Accuracy: ±0.2% (max) , Low Temperature Drift: 50ppm/°C (max) , 200mV Dropout Voltage , Load Regulation (7mA Source): 200μV/mA (max) , Line Regulation 3.2V to 5.5V: 350μV/V (max) .

MAX6010 voltage reference IC


LTC6655 voltage reference

Linear Technology introduces the LTC6655 voltage references family  .

The LTC6655  is a voltage reference with low noise, low drift  fully specified over the –40°C to 125°C temperature range. The low noise , low drift and high precision voltage over the wide range of temperature make it ideally for the high resolution measurements and test equipments .

The high precision of the output voltage of ±0.025%, eliminate the need of calibration. The LTC6655 low dropout voltage reference accept a wide input voltage range up to 13.2V.

Main features of the LTC6655 voltage references family are : low drift: 2ppm/°C Max , high accuracy: ±0.025% Max , fully specified over –40°C to 125°C , 100% Tested at –40°C, 25°C and 125°C , load regulation: <10ppm/mA ,sinks and sources Current: 5mA , low dropout: 500mV , wide supply range up to 13.2V , low power shutdown: <20μA Max .

LTC6655 voltage reference

LTC3619B regulator

Another high efficiency and easy to use synchronous buck regulator designed by the Linear Technology is the LTC3619B regulator which use a constant frequency current mode architecture.

The input supply voltage range of the LTC3619B  regulator is from 2.5V to 5.5V . The LTC3619B is easy to use and is ideal for high peak load current applications and many other applications like : USB powered devices ,  supercapacitor charging , radio transmitters and other handheld devices applications  .

The output voltages supported by the LTC3619B is from 0.6V  to 5 volts offering high efficiency ( up to 96%) .

The LTC3619B offers two output channels which can supply can supply 400mA  ( on channel 1 ) and 800mA output current ( for channel 2 ) .

The operating frequency is internally set at 2.25MHz allowing the use of small surface mount inductors .

Other features of the LTH3619 regulator are  :  Programmable Average Input Current Limit ,  Low Noise Pulse-Skipping Operation at Light Loads , Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V , Output Voltage Range: 0.6V to 5V ,  2.25MHz Constant-Frequency Operation ,  Power Good Output Voltage Monitor for Each Channel ,  Low Dropout Operation: 100% Duty Cycle , Independent Internal Soft-Start for Each Channel , ±2% Output Voltage Accuracy , Short-Circuit Protected .





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