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TOPSwitch-JX Family

Power Integrations has introduced the TOPSwitch-JX Family ( TOP264-271 ) that incorporates a 725 V power MOSFET, high voltage switched current source, multi-mode PWM control, oscillator, thermal shutdown circuit, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a monolithic IC .

TOPSwitch-JX Family  chips are integrated switched mode power supply chips that converts a current at the control input to a duty cycle at the open drain output of a high voltage power MOSFET.

TOPSwitch-JX offers high efficiency providing high output power using few external components .

TOPSwitch-JX integrated circuits enable design of power supplies up to 244 W, while providing high efficiency under all load conditions  .

The TOPSwitch-JX family also enables the design of power supplies with robust functionality and provides enhanced safety features such as output overvoltage protection, overload power limiting and hysteretic thermal protection .

Power Integrations TOPSwitch-JX Family circuit diagram

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