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SiC762CD integrated power stage solution

The SiC762CD is an integrated power stage solution that contains PWM optimized n-channel MOSFETs (high side and low side) and a full featured MOSFET driver IC.

The SiC762CD provide up to 35 A continuous output current and operates from an wide input voltage range of 3 V to 27 V.

The SiC762CD manufactured by the Vishay Siliconix use integrated MOSFETs optimized to provide output voltages ranges from 0.8 V to 2.0 V with a nominal input

voltage of 24 V but also the device can deliver very high power at 5 V output for ASIC applications.

Main features of the SiC762CD power stage are : Integrated Gen III MOSFETs and DrMOS compliant gate driver IC ,  Enables Vcore switching at 1 MHz , easily achieve > 90 % efficiency in multi-phase  , tri-state PWM input function prevents negative output voltage swing ,  5 V logic levels on PWM , MOSFET threshold voltage optimized for 5 V driver bias supply , automatic skip mode operation (SMOD) for light load efficiency , under-voltage lockout , built-in bootstrap schottky diode .

SiC762CD integrated power stage solution circuit

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