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NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver

ON Semiconductor release the NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver with 6th order Butterworth Reconstruction filters on each channel. First set of 3−channels has selectable Standard Definition (SD) / High Definition (HD) filters and a fourth channel offers an extra filter driver for driving CVBS−type video signal.
The NCS2564 is a combination of a triple SD/HD video driver plus a single CVBS video driver. designed to be compatible with Digital−to−Analog Converters (DAC) embedded in most video processors.
Main features of the NCS2564 video driver are: 3−Channel with a Selectable Sixth−Order Butterworth 8/34 MHz Filter , One CVBS Driver Including 6th Order Butterworth 8 MHz Filter , Transparent Clamp , Internal Fixed Gain: 6 dB _0.2 , Integrated Level Shifter , AC− or DC−Coupled Inputs and Outputs , Low Quiescent Current , Shutdown Current , Each channel Capable to Drive 2 by 150 ohms Loads , Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range .
NCS2564 4−channel high speed video driver

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