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NCP349 Positive Overvoltage Protection Controller

On semiconductor release the NCP349 Positive Overvoltage Protection Controller which is able to disconnect the systems from its output pin in case wrong input operating conditions are detected. The system is positive overvoltage protected up to +28 V.
The NCP349 is able to instantaneously disconnect the output from the input, due to integrated Low RON Power NMOS , if the input voltage exceeds the overvoltage threshold (OVLO) or undervoltage threshold (UVLO).
At powerup (EN pin = low level), the Vout turns on ton time after the Vin exceeds the undervoltage threshold.
In addition, the device has ESD−protected input (15 kV Air) when bypassed with a 1.0 _F or larger capacitor.
NCP349 can be used in applications like : Cell Phones ,Camera Phones , Digital Still Cameras , Personal Digital Applications , MP3 Players
Main features of the NCP349 are : Overvoltage Protection up to 28 V , On−Chip Low RDS(on) NMOS Transistor Internal Charge Pump , Overvoltage Lockout (OVLO) , Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) , Soft−Start , Alert FLAG Output , Shutdown EN Input , Compliance to IEC61000−4−2 (Level 4) , 8.0 kV (Contact) 15 kV (Air) , ESD Ratings: Machine Model = B , Human Body Model = 3 , DFN6 1.6x2 mm Package
NCP349 Positive Overvoltage Protection Controller

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