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NCP2823 audio power amplifier circuit

The NCP2823 is a mono audio power amplifier integrated circuit designed for portable electronic devices like digital cameras , cellular phones , GPS and other .

NCP2823A is optimized for a 8 ohms load impedance and the NCP2823B audio amplifier IC can operate with speaker impedance down to 4 ohms .

The NCP2823A is capable to deliver a 1.5 watts output power in a 8 ohms using BTL (Bridge Tiled Load ) configuration with less than 10 % THD  .

The NCP2823B is capable of delivering 3 W of continuous average power into a 4 ohms lad impedance in a BTL configuration .

The NCP2823 has a high efficiency more than 90% and very low shutdown current that increases the lifetime of your battery and drastically lowers the junction temperature.

The device allows independent gain while summing signals from various audio sources.

Main features of the NCP2823 mono audio power amplifiers integrated circuit are : optimized PWM output stage, externally gain setting , low consumption: 1.8 mA for NCP2823A , high efficiency: up to 92% , large output power Capability: 2 W @ VP = 5.0 V 8.0ohms , high PSRR: up to −77 dB , thermal and auto recovery short−circuit protection , pin to pin compatible with NCP2820 Flip−Chip .

NCP2823 audio power amplifier circuit diagram

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