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NCP1288 controller circuit

The NCP1288 is a fixed−frequency current−mode controller featuring a high−voltage startup current .

The NCP1288 controller has an excellent efficiency in light load condition while still achieving very low standby power consumption.

NCP1288 controller has Soft−Skip feature which  dramatically reduces the risk of acoustic noise, which enables the use of inexpensive transformers and capacitors in the clamping network.

The NCP1288 controller includes all of the necessary features to build a safe and efficient power supply based on a fixed−frequency flyback converter.

NCP1288 is available in various frequency options to fit any application .

The NCP1288 controller accepts a wide input voltage range power supply up to 28 V .

The NCP1288 controller has many features like : timer−based overload protections with auto−recovery or latched  operation , high−voltage current source with built−in brown−out and line overvoltage protections , fixed−frequency current−mode operation with built−in ramp compensation , frequency jittering for a reduced EMI signature , adjustable overpower compensation , latch−off input for severe fault conditions shortcircuit protection , 65 kHz Oscillator (100 kHz and 133 kHz Versions Available Upon Request)  , ±1.0 A Peak Drive Capability , 4.0 ms Soft−Start , internal thermal shutdown with hysteresis .

NCP1288 controller circuit diagram

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