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Maxim DS2775/DS2777 - DS2776/DS2778 battery monitor chips

Maxim IC DS2775–DS2778 battery monitor circuits report available capacity for rechargeable lithium-ion (Li+) and Li+ polymer (Li-Poly) batteries in mAh and as a percentage of full. Safe operation is ensured by the integrated Li+ protector. The DS2776/DS2778 support SHA-1-based challengeresponse authentication in addition to all other DS2775/DS2777 features.
For capacity estimation calculations is used precision measurements of voltage, temperature, and current, along with a cell characteristics table and application parameters
The capacity registers report a conservative estimate of the amount of charge that can be removed given the current temperature, discharge rate, stored charge, and application parameters.
The DS2775–DS2778 operate from +4.0V to +9.2V for direct integration into battery packs with two Li+ or Li-Poly cells.
The DS2775–DS2778 offer 16 bytes of EEPROM storage for use by the host system and/or
pack manufacturer to store battery lot and date tracking information
The EEPROM can also be used for nonvolatile storage of system and/or battery usage statistics.
Main features of these chips are : High-Side nFET Drivers and Protection Circuitry ; Precision Voltage, Temperature, and Current Measurement System , Cell-Capacity Estimation from Coulomb Count,Discharge Rate, Temperature, and Cell Characteristics ; Estimates Cell Aging Between Learn Cycles ; Allows Calibration of Gain and Temperature Coefficient ; Programmable Thresholds for Overvoltage and Overcurrent
The DS2776/DS2778 , DS2775/DS2777 can be used in applications like : Low-Cost Notebooks , UMPCs DSLR Cameras , Video Cameras , Commercial and Military Radios , Portable Medical Equipment
ds2775-ds2776 battery monitor chip

ds2777-ds2778 battery monitor chips

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