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MAX7360 key driver

Maxim introduces the MAX7360 I2C-interfaced key switch controller which can be used to provide control for up to 64 keys .

MAX7360 key-switch driver can be interfaced with metallic or resistive switches with on-resistances up to 5k. Key inputs are monitored statically to ensure low-EMI operation.

The MAX7360 has an autosleep and autowake modes to minimize the power consumption of the device. The autosleep mode puts the device in a low-power state after a sleep timeout period and the autowake mode of MAX7360 return to normal operating mode from sleep upon a keypress.

Main features of the MAX7360 are :integrated ESD Protection , Q8kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge ,

Q15kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge , +14V Tolerant Open-Drain I/O Ports Capable of Constant-Current LED Drive , Rotary Switch-Capable Input Pair (PORT6, PORT7) , 256-Step PWM Individual LED Intensity Control , Individual LED Blink Rates and Common LED ,Fade In/Out Rates from 256ms to 4096ms , FIFO Queues Up to 16 Debounced Key Events , User-Configurable Key Debounce (9ms to 40ms) , Keyscan Uses Static Matrix Monitoring for Low EMI Operation , +1.62V to +3.6V Operation , Monitors Up to 64 Keys , Key-Switch Interrupt (INTK) on Each Debounced ,Event/FIFO Level, or End of Definable Time Period , Port Interrupt (INTI) for Input Ports for Special-Key Functions , 400kbps +5.5V Tolerant 2-Wire Serial Interface .

MAX7360 switch key driver

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