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MAX3600 laser driver

Maxim Semiconductor introduces the MAX3600 laser driver for projectors supports video imagining with red, green and blue lasers . MAX3600 has four output channel which includes on each output channel  a 10-bit video digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with programmable gain and offset.

The MAX3600B/R/G are monochrome drivers for blue, red, and green lasers. The MAX3600A guarantees higher full-scale output currents than the MAX3600.

Main features of this laser driver are : Integrates Four Current-Output Laser Drivers  ; Compatible with Red, Blue, and Green Lasers ; 10-Bit Video DACs fCLK = 1MHz to 160MHz ; 8-Bit Gain and Offset DACs ; 2ns Output Switching Time ; Serial Port Control ; Laser Enable ; Random-Noise Generator and Periodic Off  .

MAX3600 laser driver

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