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LTC4361 overvoltage overcurrent circuit

The LTC4361 integrated circuit is an overvoltage/overcurrent protection controller safeguards 2.5V to 5.5V systems from input supply overvoltage. LTC4361is designed for portable devices with multiple power supply options including wall adaptors,car battery adaptors and USB ports.

LTC4361 offers protection from transients up to 80V without requiring transient voltage suppressors or other external components.

The LTC4361 controls an external N-channel MOSFET in series with the input power supply. During overvoltage transients, the LTC4361 turns off the MOSFET within 1μs, isolating downstream components from the input supply.

Also the LTC4361 overvoltage / overcurrent circuit is available in two types latchoff LTC4361-1, respective LTC4361-2 auto retry after over current . As you can see in the circuit diagram , it is needed just few external components to configure LTC4361 circuit for overvoltage and overcurrent protection .

LTC4361 overvoltage overcurrent circuit diagram

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