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LTC2941 LTC2942 battery gas gauges with an I2C interface

LTC2941/LTC2942 introduced by Linear Technology Corporation are battery gas gauges with an I2C interface for 2.7V to 5.5V systems. The LTC2941/LTC2942 use a continuous-time analog integrator to measure charge directly, resulting in minimal offset and gain error and better overall charge accuracy. The LTC2941 measures the charge flowing in and out of a battery to within 1% accuracy at room temperature. The LTC2942 does the same while also incorporating a 14-bit No Latency Δ∑ ADC to measure battery voltage and die temperature to within 1.3% and ±5°C accuracy, respectively.

The LTC2941 and LTC2942 are best suited for applications that use single-cell Li-Ion battery , like cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, and GPS receivers. Battery current is measured by monitoring the voltage across an external sense resistor and integrating this information to infer charge.

Main features of the LTC2941 and LTC2942 battery gas gauges ICs are :

-indicates accumulated battery charge and discharge

-high accuracy analog integration

- ADC measures battery voltage and temperature ( only for LTC2942 )

-integrated temperature sensor

-high side sense

-1% Voltage and Charge Accuracy

-+/-50mV sense voltage range

-SMBus/I2C interface

- configurable alert output/charge complete input

--2.7V to 5.5V operating range

-quiescent current less than 100μA

LTC2941 LTC2942 battery gas gauges with an I2C interface

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