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LTC2461 LTC2463 analog-to digital converters

Linear Technology introduces the LTC2461/LTC2463 16-Bit analog-to digital converters with an integrated precision reference.
LTC2461/LTC2463 use a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply and communicate through an I2C Interface. The LTC2461 is single-ended with a 0V to 1.25V input range and the LTC2463 is differential with a 1.25V input range.
The LTC2461/LTC2463 can sample at 60 conversions per second and, due to the very large oversampling ratio, have extremely relaxed antialiasing requirements. Both include continuous internal offset and fullscale calibration algorithms which are transparent to the user, ensuring accuracy over time and the operating temperature range.
The LTC2461/LTC2463 include a proprietary input sampling scheme that reduces the average input current several orders of magnitude when compared to conventional delta sigma converters.
Main features of the LTC2461/LTC2463 are : 16-Bit Resolution, No Missing Codes , Internal Reference, High Accuracy 10ppm/°C (Max) , Single-Ended (LTC2461) or Differential (LTC2463) , 2LSB Offset Error (Typ) , 0.01% Gain Error (Typ) , 60 Conversions Per Second , Single Conversion Settling Time for Multiplexed Applications , 1.5mA Supply Current , 200nA Sleep Current , Internal Oscillator , 2-Wire I2C Interface 
LTC2461 LTC2463 analog-to digital converters

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