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LTC2259-16 low power ADC

The LTC2259-16 is a ultralow power sampling 16-bit A/D converter designed for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals.

The LTC2259-16 require a low voltage power supply of 1.8 volts and has a very low power consumption of 89 miliwatts , that make it suitable for demanding communications applications with AC performance that includes 73.1dB SNR and 88dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR).

The digital outputs of the ADC can be either full-rate CMOS, doubledata rate CMOS, or double-data rate LVDS.

The analog inputs of the LTC2259 should be driven differentially , but the encode input ENC+ and ENC– inputs may be driven differentially or single ended with a sine wave, PECL, LVDS, TTL or CMOS inputs.

If possible the input filter should be an RC lowpass filter right at the analog inputs ( the lowpass filter isolates the drive circuitry from the A/D sample-and-hold switching, and limits wideband noise from the drive circuitry ) .

The signal quality of the encode inputs strongly affects the A/D noise performance so the encode inputs should be treated as analog signals ( do not route them next to digital traces on the circuit board ).

The LTC2259-16 low power ADC circuit main features are : 73.1dB SNR ,  88dB SFDR , low power: 89mW ,single 1.8V supply; CMOS,DDR CMOS or DDR LVDS outputs ,selectable input ranges: 1VP-P to 2VP-P ,  800MHz full-power bandwidth S/H , optional data output randomizer , optional clock duty cycle stabilizer ,serial SPI port for configuration .

LTC2259-16 low power ADC circuit diagram (analog to digital converter )

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