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LT3972 monolithic buck switching regulator

Linear Technology introduces another monolithic buck switching regulator  LT3972 with  an adjustable frequency from 200kHz to 2.4MHz .

LT3972 operates over an input voltage range from 3.6 to 33 volts  and offer a maximum output current of 3.5A .

Like LT3680 and other buck switching regulators the LT3972 offers output foltage from 0.79V  to 30 V , thermal protection , soft start capability and many other features .

The design circuit of the LT3972 circuit is almost the same like LT3980 .

To design the application circuit you need to calculate few components values .

The LT3972 like other monolithic buck regulators manufactured by Linear Technology are ideal for low cost applications .

LT3972 monolithic buck switching regulator

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