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LT3581 DC DC converter

The LT3581 integrated circuit is a PWM DC DC converter with built-in fault protection features , designed by Linear Technology . LT3581consists of a 42V master switch and a 42V slave switch that can be tied together for a total current limit of 3.3A.
The LT3581 can be used in many power supply designs and can be easily configured in Boost, SEPIC, Inverting or Flyback configurations .
The LT3581 integrated circuit is capable of generating 12V at 830mA or –12V at 625mA from a 5V input power supply .
The LT3581 DC DC converter circuit operates over a wide input voltage range of 2.5 -22 volts and has a switching frequency range that can be set between 200kHz and 2.5MHz. The integrated circuit may be clocked internally at a frequency set by the resistor from the RT pin to ground or it may be synchronized to an external clock .
This DC DC circuit can provide a various output voltage in all configuration designs  (Boost, SEPIC, Inverting or Flyback ) .

As you can see bellow that we presented two power supplies circuits which use different configurations . As you can see in the presented circuits diagrams you can easy configure the circuit and you need few external components to complete your project .
So all you information you need ( formulas for every configuration type ) to configure your project you will find in the manufacturer datasheet .
The main features of this converter IC are :  3.3A 42V Combined Power Switch , Master/Slave (1.9A/1.4A) Switch Design , Output Short Circuit Protection, Wide Input Range: 2.5V to 22V Operating, 40V Maximum Transient , Switching Frequency Up to 2.5MHz , Easily Configurable as a Boost, SEPIC, Inverting or Flyback Converter , User Configurable Undervoltage Lockout , Low VCESAT Switch: 250mV at 2.75A (Typical) .

12 volts schematic circuit using LT3581 integrated circuit 12 volts dual power supply circuit using LT3581 ic

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