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ISL95870 ISL95870A ISL95870B

The ISL95870, ISL95870A, ISL95870B ICs are Single-Phase Synchronous-Buck PWM regulators designed by Intersil Technology . This regulators supports a wide range input voltage from 3.3V to 25V making them ideally for systems that run on battery or AC-adapter power sources.

ISL95870, ISL95870A, ISL95870B ICs are designed using the R4 Technology that offers  faster transient performance, accurately regulated frequency control and all internal compensation.

The ISL95870, ISL95870A, ISL95870B ICs can deliver a output voltage from 0.5 volts up to 5 volts and has a high precision regulation offering =/- 0.5% system accuracy over -10°C to +100°C .

The setpoint voltage can be programmed using a simple resistor and the PWM frequency can be selected from 300kKz , 500kHz, 600kHz or 1MHz   .

ISL95870 regulator circuit ic

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