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Fake counterfeit micro SD how to check

In nowadays technology advance very fast, so more devices support high capacity micro sd cards. Because of very fast advancing of technology prices of high capacity micro sd cards is going down. Because of less knowledge about storage devices and technology of some people, some other people sell Fake/Counterfeit micro sd, usb sticks and many other storage devices.
In many case this electronic storage devices has a real low capacity that expected. But if you plug your storage media in any device like PC, phone, tablet you can be misled because you’ll see a fake capacity.
For example if buy a 32GB micro sd, real capacity can be 8GB but if you plug your storage device in PC or mobile phone it shows 32GB.
To check the real capacity of your storage device you have some alternative methods:
-copping a large amount of files on it until card is full, and after unplug an plug it again try to read latest copied files
- using h2testw software developed by
- using ChkFlsh software developed by Cherkes Mihail
- on linux you can use F3 developed by Michel Machado

All three programs can be used to check integrity of your storage capacity by writing a large amount of files on storage device and after that integrity data of all files will be checked and real capacity of storage device will be reported.
Most of the fake /counterfeit storage devices are unbranded , but also can be branded with a very famous brand name.
Is better to check your storage device for real capacity if you bought it from Ebay, Amazon, alibaba, etc. you can have a big surprise.
Maybe price paid for it was surprising low but if you’ll check capacity and speed also you can have a big bad surprise :).
Bellow you can see a screenshoot about how h2testw works.
If you discovered that your micro sd or usb stick is a fake with low capacity, you can “repair” it by reformatting to a lower capacity using Disk Management from Windows or some other formatting tools for windows or Linux.
You can not repair it to “desired” capacity , for example if you test it with h2testw and it has 8GB and on windows or mobile phone shows 32GB, you can just repair to 8GB not to 32GB ( to prevent lose of data).

Circuit Diagram: 
fake micro sd h2testw
fake micro sd

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