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ADP8860 backlight LED driver

Analog Devices introduces ADP8860 new backlight LED driver with automatic phototransistor control .
The light intensity is fully programmable via the I2C® interface. ADP8860 offer ambient light detection levels for various user operating conditions , function which eliminates the need for a processor to monitor the phototransistor. The ADP8860 allows as many as six LEDs to be independently driven up to 30 mA (typical) and seventh LED can be driven to 60 mA (typical). All LEDs are programmable for minimum/max-imum current and fade in/out times via the I2C interface. These LEDs can also be combined into groups to reduce the processor instructions during fade in/out.
Main features of the ADP8860 backlight LED driver are : programmable modes for ambient light sensing , Outdoor / office and dark modes for maximum backlight power savings , 7 independent and programmable LED drivers , 6 drivers capable of 30 mA (typical) , 1 driver capable of 60 mA (typical) , programmable maximum current limit (128 levels) ,I2C-compatible interface for all programming , Short-circuit, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection
ADP8860 can be used in applications like : mobile display backlighting , mobile phone keypad backlighting , dual RGB backlighting , LED indication , general backlighting of small format displays
ADP8860 backlight LED driver

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