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AD8280 safety monitor for Lithium Ion battery

The AD8280 manufactured by the Analog Devices is a hardware-only safety monitor for Lithium Ion battery stacks. The AD8280 has inputs to monitor up to six battery cells and two temperature sensors (either NTC or PTC thermistors).

The AD8280 Lithium Ion battery monitor operates over a wide input voltage range from 6 volts up to 30 volts .

The part is designed to be daisy chained with additional AD8280’s to monitor a stack of significantly more than six battery cells, but without the need for numerous isolators.

The output of the AD8280 battery monitor output can be configured  for independent or shared alarm state  .

The AD8280 functions independently from a primary monitor and contains its own reference and LDO, both are powered completely from the battery cell stack.

Each cell channel contains programmable de-glitching (D/G) circuitry to avoid alarming from transient input levels.

The AD8280 also has two digital pins that can be used to select various combinations of the inputs in the case where there are less than six cells to be monitored.

AD8280 Lithium Ion battery monitor has a self-test feature that make it suitable for high-reliability applications.

Other main features of the AD8280 Lithium Ion battery monitor are : wide Supply Voltage Range , multiple inputs ,monitor 3 to 6 Cell Voltages/2 Temperatures , adjustable threshold levels ,alarm options , powered from cell stack , LDO available to power isolator .

AD8280 safety monitor circuit diagram for Lithium Ion battery

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