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DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects

DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects and other related audio projects like : power amplifiers, audio systems, audio filters, vu meters, tone control, audio equalizers and more .

TDA2052 multi system audio power amplifier circuit diagram

The audio system presented in this circuit is based on the TDA2052 monolithic integrated circuit in Heptawatt package .

TDA7377 (2x30 W) audio amplifier

The TDA7377 amplifier is a class AB car radio amplifier able to work either in DUAL BRIDGE or QUAD SINGLE ENDED configuration.
With few external components TDA7377 can obtain high audio power performances .
The fault diagnostics makes it possible to detect mistakes during car radio set assembly and wiring in the car.
Main features of Tda7377 audio amplifier electronic project are : reversed battery protection ; short circuit protection ; very inductive loads ; diagnostic facility for clipping , out to gnd short ,out to Vs short
Tda7377 is available with 4 independent channels and can be used in applications with 4 or 2 speaker in single or bridge mode .
The stand-by function can be easily activated by means of a CMOS level applied to pin 7 through a RC filter and the device is turned off completely .
When the stand by functions is use some precautions have to be taken :
pin 7 cannot be directly driven by a voltage source whose current capability is higher than 5mA.

In practical cases a series resistance has always to be inserted, having it the double purpose of limiting the current at pin 7 and to smooth down the stand-by ON/OFF
In any case, a capacitor of at least 100nF from pin 7 to S-GND, with no resistance in between, is necessary to ensure correct turn-on.
The Vs range supported by this audio ic is 8 to 18 volts DC .
The power supply for this test circuit must be around 14.4 volts .
Maximum power ( 2x30 w) for this audio amplifier can be obtained in bridge mode for two channels at 4 ohms load impedance .

tda7377 pinout descriptiontda7377 quad circuit
tda7377 bridge schematic circuittda7377 stereo bridge circuit

TDA7384 car audio power amplifier

This TDA7384 35 watt car audio power amplifier circuit is designed using TDA7384 class AB Audio Power Amplifier packaged in a Flexiwatt 25 package, designed for high end car radio applications.


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