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DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects

DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects and other related audio projects like : power amplifiers, audio systems, audio filters, vu meters, tone control, audio equalizers and more .

Infrared receiver for audio signal

Using this circuit diagram electronic project, can be made a very simple infrared receiver. The output signal of the infrared diode D1 is amplified by IC1.

Circuit Diagram: 
Infrared receiver for audio signal circuit diagram`

Infrared audio transmitter circuit

This infrared audio transmitter uses infrared impulses modulated in time (pulse width modulation). Modulated signal is produced by comparing the pure audio signal with a triangular high frequency signal, using comparator Cl.
For a large range, the current through the LED must be high. Because LEDs can not drive continuous high current, pulses should be short, and it must be the reason for using pulse width modulation (PWM). Pulses are generated by XOR gate IC2d, which compare the original PWM signal delayed by R5-C3-IC2c.

Circuit Diagram: 
Infrared audio transmitter circuit diagram

Wireless audio receiver using IR

This wireless audio receiver circuit is designed using common electronic components and allow reception of an audio signal, without using electrical wires. The infrared receiver can be used with infrared transmitter presented in a previous article.

Circuit Diagram: 
Wireless audio receiver circuit diagram


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