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TDA1562Q power amplifier electronic project

This TDA1562q 50 watts power amplifier circuit from this circuit diagram can be used in many applications like audio amplifiers, alarms,tv sounds and other applications.
Most important features of TDA1562Q 50 watts power amplifier circuit are :
50 watts at 12 V H class
Shortcircuit protection
In 0.7V eff /70Kohmi
Output impedance (f = 1 kHz,THD+N = 1 %)

The TDA1562Q contains a mono class-H BTL output power amplifier. At low output power, up to 18 W, the device operates as a normal BTL amplifier.
When a larger output voltage swing is required, the internal supply voltage is lifted by means of the external electrolytic capacitors. Due to this momentarily higher supply voltage the obtainable output power is 70 W.
Besides shortcircuit protection and thermal protection (almost 145 degree) this amplifier offer a output impedance protection ; if the impedance it is low than 0,5 ohms the circuit is deactivated.
This audio amplifier IC has an visual indication with an LED which supervise at the good function of amplifier.
If the LED is lighting the audio amplifier IC it could have a problem ; High output distortion (more than 1.6 %) Shortcircuit between Output ,vcc or gnd .

tda1562q 50 watts power amplifier circuit  diagram

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