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TDA1015 portable audio amplifier circuit

This portable audio amplifier circuit electronic project is based on TDA1015 integrated audio amplifier circuit designed for portable radio and recorder applications.
TDA1015 portable audio amplifier circuit delivers up to 4 W in a 4 ohms load impedance with a 12 volts power supply . If we are using a 6 volts power supply we can obtain a output power around 1 watt or a 2.3 watts output power with a 9 volts power supply .

The schematic circuit of the TDA1015 audio amplifier is very simple requiring few external components . The audio amplifier IC contains two major stages : a preamplifier and a power amplifier .Main features of this audio amplifier are : separated preamplifier and power amplifier , thermal protection ,high input impedance ,low current drain ,limited noise behaviour at radio frequencies.

tda1015 audio amplifier circuit diagram

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