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TBA820M microphone amplifier circuit

This microphone amplifier circuit is an high sensitivity microphone amplifier based on TBA820M integrated circuit.
The TBA820M is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 8 lead dual in-line plastic package. It is intended for use as low frequency class B power amplifier with wide range of supply voltage: 3 to 16V, in portable radios, cassette recorders and players etc.
Main features are:

- minimum working supply voltage of 3V
- low quiescent current
- few external components
- good ripple rejection
- low power dissipation
- Output power: Po = 2Wat 12V/8W, 1.6W at 9V/4W and 1.2W at 9V/8W.
The microphone that is used for this project must be underwater resisting .The microphone and pcb must be connected with an shielded cable .
To listening the output signal we must use an 8 ohms impedance speaker.
For this device we must use an 9 volts DC power supply.

TBA820M microphone amplifier circuit diagram

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