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STK4241 stereo 120 watt amp circuit

In this stereo 120 watt amplifier circuit diagram is presented a high power audio amplifier based on the STK4241 high power audio amplifier IC used in many audio systems .
For this STK4241 stereo 120 watt amplifier circuit we need a 55 volts dual power supply in configuration like in schematic bellow.
Due to high output power capability low distortion and few external components required STK4241 is ideal for use in high power audio amplifiers.
STK4241 can deliver maxim 2x120w on two channels(120 watts on each channel stereo mode ) .

stk4241 power supply circuit
Main features of the STK4241 circuit are : muting circuit built-in to isolate all types of shock noise , current mirror circuit for low 0.08% total harmonic distortion , pin compatible with the STK4201II series and the STK4141X series , high output power , low distortions .
This IC has many build in features and offers high output power using few external components but the major disadvantage of this amplifier IC is that it has no build-in protections features , which means that if you want to protect your amplifier you need to build a protection circuit separately .

stk4241 stereo 120 watt amplifier circuit

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