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Musical bell electronic project using UM3481

A very simple musical bell can be made using a special circuit like UM3481 / 82/83/84.
Most parts needed for this musical bell are embedded in the integrated circuit: oscillator, frequency divider, control circuit for ROM, ROM memory with 512 musical notes, tone generator, rhythm generator, function control and preamplifier .
Besides the integrated circuit, electronic circuit contains a power supply based on a voltage regulator, an amplifier "push-pull" (out of time) to attack the speaker and a number of associated components.
Resistances R1, R2, capacitor C2 and potentiometer P2 are elements that drive oscillator’s frequency built in. Potentiometer P2 is for adjusting the playback speed of the song.
With S1 closed, all the songs stored in ROM can be played one after another. With S1 open is heard only one song, one that is selected by S3.
To select a song you must close S1 and S2 must be pressed continuously, while S3 is pressed sequentially until the desired track is found.

Circuit Diagram: 
Musical bell electronic project using UM3481

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