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Microphone amplifier with tone correction

A microphone amplifier with tone correction can be designed using this electronic circuit diagram. Active part of this microphone amplifier are amplifiers A1 and A2.
A1 works as a non-inverting amplifier microphone input is applied to pin 1 via coupling capacitor C1. Amplification of this stage is determined by the ratio of the network formed by R5 in combination with R1...R4 resistance.

With R1 in the circuit, the amplification is about 225, with about 60 with R3 and with S1 in the middle position is about 14.
A1's output is applied to a control sound stage, A2. Report R13 / R12 determine the gain of the stage (about 18 dB).
RC network between A1 and A2 is the true tone control. Potentiometer P1 and P2 sets the bass level and tone level.

Circuit Diagram: 
Microphone amplifier circuit diagram with tone correction

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