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Lm833 tone correction circuit diagram

A very simple tone correction designed with operational amplifier can be built using electronic diagram below which is based on LM833 op amp. Such a correction allows us to change the tone frequency response without to have any influence on that audio equipment, and for this purpose using a compact assembly.
Operational amplifier in the input circuit is connected as an inverting buffer. Limiting it is connected to a noninverting resistance of 10 k to DC balance at both entrances. The second amplifier has loop response to a tone control circuit with three horses, whose frequencies are determined by cutting the four capacitor values.
Cut points for high and low frequency filters are at 200 Hz frequency, respectively, 2 kHz. Maximum attenuation is about 16dB. Although potentiometers adjusted sliders in the middle of the race, the signal / noise ratio is greater than 90 dB for 1 MHz band width.

Circuit Diagram: 
Lm833 tone correction circuit diagram electronic project

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