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LM384 2 way intercom system

Using LM384 and few common electronic components can be made a very simple 2 way intercom system which can be used in a duplex communication system. The LM384 2 way intercom system circuit consists of an amplifier, a double switch with two positions and two speakers: one for the main station (master) and one for secondary (slave).
LM384 integrated amplifier can provide almost 2W power output (at a supply voltage of 15 V). Pins 3,4, 5,10,11 and 12 are connected to ground and at the same time, and designed to provide cooling partially integrated (the integration process should not be mounted on a pedestal, but glued directly onto printed circuit board).
To operate satisfactorily, especially the microphone, the speaker should be placed in a closed chamber.

Circuit Diagram: 
LM384 2 way intercom system circuit

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