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Class A amplifier using TDA1034

A class A amplifier can be designed using a TDA1034 as an preamplifier and final stage made with transistors, can be achieved like in electronic diagram below.
Power dissipation remains small, because the final stage is powered by ± 5 V.
Any input signal will control both amplifiers simultaneously When using this method requires that the input amplifier is connected to high voltage sources. IC1 which is to be supplied with ± 18 V. Moreover 5V source must provide a current maximum level at least equal to the speaker.
Output of this amplifier is about 15 W on a load of 8 ohms (Class A).
As you make sure that the amplifier voltage of 5 V is isolated from 18 V voltage. Use a transformer secondary winding network with two completely separate, with a central insulation, or, better use two transformers. Only zero point source of 18 V serves as a ground potential for both circuit and speaker.

Circuit Diagram: 
Class A amplifier electronic project circuit diagram using TDA1034 audio IC

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