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BA3812L graphic equalizer circuit diagram

Using BA3812L equalizer circuit you can build is a five-point graphic equalizer circuit that has all the required functions integrated into one IC.
Main features of the BA3812L graphic equalizer circuit are: low distortion and low noise, wide operating power supply voltage range (3.5V to 16V), low current dissipation (5 mA), wide dynamic range (VOM = 2.1Vrms/VCC = 8V), built-in input and output buffer amplifiers.
For Ba3812L equalizer circuit we need just few external components to set the desire frequency for five point graphic , this circuit employs two capacitors, a potentiometer, and a bias capacitor as external components, everything else is on the chip.
ba3812l 5 bands graphic equalizer circuit

Using one BA3812 circuit we can make a 5 band graphic equalizer , but if we use more chips two or three we can make an ten bands graphic equalizer ( using two ICs) or seven bands stereo graphic equalizer ( using three BA3812 chips ) .
The resonance frequency (fo) and the Q of the circuit are fixed by the values of the external capacitors and can be calculated using the following formula :
ba3812l q factor calculation
ba3812 resonance calculation
R0=1.2k and R1=68k internal resistors . Q is the factor that determines the bandwidth of the frequency . If the amount of boost and cut are the same for the same resonance frequency, the larger the value of Q, the narrower the resonant frequency band.

ba3812 10 bands graphic equalizer circuit
ba3812 7 bands stereo equalizer circuit

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