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Audio Distribution ( TL06 , TL064 )

This audio distribution circuit electronic project can be designed using the TL064 or TL06 operational amplifiers and some other common electronic parts.
TL06 it’s made by Texas Instruments and is a low power operational amplifier .TL06 is an low power version of TL08 series operational amplifiers .

This audio distribution circuit is based on an TL06 (you can use TL064 ) and it’s very useful in signal distribution .
The main features of TL06 are : Very Low Power Consumption , Typical Supply Current 200 mA , Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges , Low Input Bias and Offset Currents , Common-Mode Input Voltage Range , Output Short-Circuit Protection , High Input Impedance , Internal Frequency Compensation , Latch-Up-Free Operation , High Slew Rate .
With this schematic you can distribute audio signal from one signal source .
This electronic project circuit diagram don’t need more components and is very easy to make , requiring an dual 15 volts power supply .

tl06 tl064 audio distribution circuit diagram electronic project

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