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SSB receiver using MC3335P

This SSB receiver is designed using the MC3335P low power narrow band FM receiver and using few external electronic parts.
The MC3335P low power narrow band FM receiver includes dual FM conversion with Oscillators, Mixers, Quadrature Discriminator, and Meter Drive/Carrier Detect Circuitry. The MC3335 also has a comparator circuit for FSK detection.

The SSB receiver circuit is very simple, requiring few external components and it includes a simple audio power amplifier based on a LM386 audio IC . Because the MC335P IC require a input voltage between 2 and 6 volts and the LM386 require a 9 volts DC power supply , in this circuit is used two fixed three terminal regulators. Tuning of this receiver circuit is done either with a varactor diode or variable capacitor as shown in the circuit below .

MC3335P SSB receiver circuitdiagram

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