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High current power supply using L4970A L4974A 5-12V

Using L4970A and L4974A step down monolithic power switching regulators can be made using few external electronic components a high current power supply electronic project.
Realized with BCD mixed technology, both devices uses a DMOS output transistor to obtain very high efficiency and very fast switching times.
Also L4970A and L4974A circuits has important features that include: reset and power fail for microprocessors, feed forward line regulation, soft start, limiting current and thermal protection.
As you can see in circuit diagram this high current power supply electronic project will provide an 5.1V and 12V on output.
Maximum output current for the 5.1V part of the circuit is 10A and maximum output current for the 12V part of the circuit is 3.5A.
Input voltage for this circuit is around 35V DC.
Magnetic cores used in this circuit are :77071-A7 for L1 and 77935-A7 for L2:
In the table below you can see dimensions for both cores:

Circuit Diagram: 
L4970A L4974A power supply coil cores
High current power supply diagram using L4970A L4974A 5-12V

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