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Universal battery charger electronic project using LM317

A very simple universal battery charger electronic project can be designed using the LM317 voltage regulator and some other electronic components .

As you can see in this schematic circuit this charger has extreme few components , but is doing a very good job . When power is applied to the circuit the SCR1 is off, so there is no bias-current path to ground.

The LM317 is connected to the battery through diode D1, limiting resistor R1, and bias resistor R2. The D1 diode is used to prevent the battery from discharging through the LED and the SCR when power is removed from the circuit. When LED1 is on, the circuit is in the voltage-regulating mode and when LED1 is off, the circuit is in the current-regulating mode.
lm317 Universal battery charger circuit diagram

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