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supercapacitor charger using LTC3226

A very simple 2-cell series supercapacitor charger electronic circuit project can be designed using the LTC3226 integrated circuit designed by Linear Technology .
LTC3226 2-cell series supercapacitor charger includes a charge pump with programmable output voltage, a low dropout regulator, and a power-fail comparator for switching between normal and backup modes.
The constant input current supercapacitor charger is designed to charge two supercapacitors in series to a resistor-programmable output voltage from a 2.5V to 5.3V
input supply. The charger input current limit is programmable by an external resistor at up to 315mA.
The internal backup LDO is powered from the supercapacitors and provides up to 2A peak output current with an adjustable output voltage. When the input supply falls below the power-fail threshold, the LTC3226 automatically enters a backup state in which the supercapacitors power the output through the LDO.
This electronic circuit project require few external electronic parts an can be used in applications like : Smart Power Meters, Data Backup Supplies, Battery Hold-Up Supplies .

Circuit Diagram: 
supercapacitor charger circuit diagram using LTC3226

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