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MCP73871 Li-Ion Li-Polymer battery charger

Using the Microchip’s MCP73871 Li-Ion Li-Polymer battery charger integrated circuit can be designed a very simple , high efficiency battery charger solution for Lithium battery powered applications.
The MCP73871 is a monolithic IC that offers compact size and rich features.
The MCP73871 device is a fully integrated linear solution for system load sharing and Li-Ion Li-Polymer battery charger management with ac-dc wall adapter and USB port power sources selection. It is also capable of autonomous power source selection between input or battery.
The MCP73871 device automatically obtains power for the system load from a single-cell Li-Ion battery or an input power source (ac-dc wall adapter or USB port).
As you can see in this circuit diagram , this electronic charger circuit require few external components , making it ideal for a simple and compact solution .

This Li-Ion Li-Polymer battery charger circuit project includes a low battery indicator, a power-good indicator and two charge status indicators that allows for outputs with LEDs or communication with host microcontrollers.
The Li-Ion , Li-Polymer charger can be used for a system that requires an average of 100 mA load current and consumes a maximum of 500 mA peak current for a short duration of time. A 950 mAh rated Li-Ion battery is used to operate the system.

MCP73871 Li-Ion Li-Polymer battery charger electronic project schematic circuit

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